Tools and Systems for Cleaning Grout

At Tile This, we are your source for highly effective grout cleaning tool and system options from popular brands in the tile tool and equipment industry, including Raimondi, Barwalt, and Rubi. You can rely on us to help you select the right tools you need for cleaning grout after tile installation and beyond.

The Importance of Grout Cleaning

Grout is a material with porous characteristics that quite easily absorbs debris. Grout can not only hold dirt and grime, but it can trap bacteria, mildew, and mold – all of which flourish in environments that are damp. It is also important clean grout haze immediately after tile installation, which is a somewhat white film remaining on the tile surface after grouting.

Our Selection of Grouting Cleaning Systems

We offer a quality selection of grout cleaning tools and systems to help you successfully complete your tile installation projects. Through the use of an effective grout cleaning system, you can save a significant amount of time with the entire process of grouting your tile and ensuring its appearance matches project requirements and customer expectations.

The grouting systems we offer, many of which are exclusively or partially a grout cleaning system, include:

  • Raimondi Hand Sponge Replacement 7in x 14in
  • Raimondi Hand Sponge Replacement 5in x 11in
  • Raimondi Easy Wash Bucket
  • Raimondi Replacement Pole for Wash Master Grout Station
  • Raimondi Pole Sponge Replacements for Wash Master Grout Station
  • Raimondi Wash Master Grout Station
  • Raimondi Jobsite Wash Bucket
  • Raimondi Smart Wash Bucket
  • Barwalt Ultra Grouting System
  • RubiClean Eco Kit
  • RubiClean Triple SuperPro
  • Rubi Extra-Large All-Purpose Sponge

When you need tools for cleaning grout, look no further than our selection at Tile This. Regardless of whether you need a Raimondi Wash Master Grout Station, Raimondi Smart Wash Bucket, RubiClean Eco Kit, RubiClean Triple Super Pro, or Barwalt Ultra Grouting System, we have the cleaning systems you need for optimum grout cleaning results.

For more information about the various grout cleaning tool and system options we offer at Tile This, or to ask us any questions about our tile and grout tool products, call us today at 952.882.0436 or leave us a message through our contact form.