The Importance of Proper Sloping and Waterproofing

Proper drainage is crucial for the prevention of issues involving standing water during shower use and also for the minimization of moisture after the water is turned off. Mold and mildew can develop in a shower area if there is constant moisture present on the shower floor, a problem that occurs because of inadequate sloping. At Tile This, our inventory is stocked with shower installation products that will help you achieve the perfect slope in your residential and commercial shower installs. Whether you need a new wet saw or just a jar of wedges, we have you covered.

The Need for Proper Waterproofing

Using proper waterproofing methods in the steps leading up to tile installation is crucial. Although tile is very water repellent, tile is not waterproof. If water and water vapors find their way through your surface, this can lead to a magnitude of issues including mold behind substrates, water leakage to levels below, and complete tear out of your new tiled shower. With the cost of labor and materials, this can be very costly to the installer or the end user if not done correctly.

The Need for Proper Sloping

Just as important as waterproofing, maintaining a proper slope to your drain is another key factor to any shower installation. When proper sloping is not maintained, problems are going to manifest, such as the development of small pools of standing water in various places on the shower floor , which can eventually lead to the deterioration and failure of finishing, setting, and waterproofing materials.

Additional issues related to improper sloping can include discoloration and staining of tile and grout, breakdown and/or wearing of surface coats, , cracking grout lines, and leaking water.

Shower floors should be sloped at 1/4″ per foot minimum in order to provide an effective pathway of travel for the water to the drain. You may also find sources that suggests this slope should be 1/2″ per foot. This is designated as the maximum slope for shower floors.

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