The Different Styles of Tile Cutters

At Tile This, we are your trusted supplier of tile cutters from numerous exceptional quality brands in the tile and stone industry. We offer a wide range of tile cutters from brands such as Montolit, Rubi Tools, and Sigma.

Benefits of Using Tile Cutters

Manual tile cutters are a popular choice among tile installers and do it yourselfers as they take minimal effort to setup and operate. Tile cutters allow installers to keep the cutting close to them rather than get up every time to use a wet saw when a cut is needed. You can also use tile cutters virtually anywhere since they do not require electricity and do not disperse dust. Manual cutters are mobile, lightweight, and are a practical option for cutting most types of tiles, particularly ceramic tiles. It is not necessary to adjust your movement, pace, or timing as you use a tile cutter. This makes a manual cutter a practical tool and highly adaptable.

The Different Styles of Tile Cutters

In the tile and stone industry there are many different styles of tile cutters such as Sigma and Montolit’s single bar system with spring loaded plates and Rubi Tools dual bar system with sperate scoring and breaking handles along with their new TZ system that has never been done before. Not only is there many different styles of tile cutters, some of these styles come in the option of push or pull. Finding the right cutter style for you can improve your speed on site.

Single bar systems like Montolit, Sigma, and some Rubi single bar and dual bar cutters have the scoring wheel and breaking foot located on the same mechanism. This allows for fast and easy snap and scoring in the same motion. With cutters of this style, you will usually see a spring-loaded table with a metal bar running between them that helps the tile break evenly. This also helps with longer, harder tiles that require breaking to be done in multiple spots to avoid uneven cuts.

Some cutters are available in both push and pull variants. This only means you can score your tile by pushing the scoring wheel away from you or pulling it towards you. Neither one style has a performance edge over the other as the option for push or pull is just a personal preference.

At Tile This, we offer an extensive selection of tile cutters to help you complete your commercial or residential project. Check out our large inventory of tile cutters from brands such as Montolit, Sigma, and Rubi Tools.

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