The Advantages of Using Wet Saws vs. Tile Cutters

Installing tile backsplashes, floors, walls and countertops require precise cuts to achieve the desired design. When using a wet saw, you can achieve precise cuts every time. However, tile cutters have certain advantages over wet saws. Which tool you use will depend on the nature of your project. At Tile This, we offer excellent tile cutter and wet saw options for exceptional quality tile cutting.

Tile Cutters

Tile cutters are the less expensive way to achieve precise, clean cuts. These handheld devices operate manually using a two-step process that involves scoring and snapping the tile. This method works more efficiently on softer materials rather than hard materials and does not work as efficiently on glass tiles. With tile cutters, the set up and break down is almost effortless. This makes them perfect for less intricate cutting, repetitive cutting, and smaller tile projects where the set-up of a wet saw wouldn’t be necessary. One drawback of using handheld tile cutters is that they are not able to perform beveled cuts.

Wet Saws

By using wet saws, you can perform precise cuts more efficiently. These devices include a rotating diamond blade that is able to slice through various types of tile materials. Many times, the blade on these devices may be angled, enabling easy and precise beveled cuts when needed.

Wet saws aim a consistent spray of water to the diamond blade in order to minimize friction, in return cooling down the blade and allowing chip free and precise cuts. Wet saws have a diamond blade with strong durability, making them excellent for cutting tiles with a higher PEI rating in addition to glass tiles, which manual tile cutters have a more difficult time cutting. If you have a large tile project to complete, a tile wet saw is a great option.

Although wet saws require more time, practice, and care than tile cutters, they are able to handle more complex and larger sized projects with ease.

Regardless of whether you need a wet saw or tile cutter, we have you covered. Our team can help you choose the best cutting device for your application.

To learn more about the various wet saws and tile cutters we offer at Tile This, give our team a call today at 952.882.0436 or use our contact form to let us know about your tile cutting requirements.