Special Tile Tools for Plumbers and Heating Installers

Plumbers and heating installers often need various special tile tools to carry out their work properly. At Tile This, we offer a wide-ranging selection of tile installation tools to help professionals and DIY tile installers, including heating and plumbing professionals, perform tiling projects with great efficiency and accuracy.

Some of special tile tools plumbers and heating installation professionals may need during the course of their work include:

Knee Pads

Knee pads are designed to provide comfort to professionals and DIYers performing various tasks that requiring kneeling. These pads are generally made from soft, cushioning, absorbent material that protects users’ knees from rough bumps, stones, or hard objects on the floor or ground. The Rubi professional knee pads we offer include a generous leaning surface for excellent comfort and stability.

Drill Bits

When you need to drill mounting holes for faucets in vanities and countertops, drill bits are the tools to use. When holes are required for gas, electrical, or water piping, a wet core drill bit is ideal and adaptable for the construction trade application at hand, particularly when the installed surface is concrete, natural stone, or ceramic tile.

Plastic Rubber Buckets

Rubber buckets are manufactured with thick rubber that gives them excellent resistance against impact. Professionals in plumbing and heating can use these buckets to carry debris and other items during construction work, along with their use for mixing and pouring liquids. Some of these buckets include reinforced ribbing that enhances their strength and rigidity.

Manual Tile Cutters

Manual cutters make it possible to perform straight and accurate cuts on ceramic tiles. These cutters are ideal when special cuts must be made, including during the course of plumbing and heating system installation work. Plumbers and heating installers can produce convenient cuts in tile when necessary to install plumbing and heating components.

The use of these and other tile tools can help plumbing and heating installers perform their work more efficiently.

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