Radiant in-floor Heating – What You Need to Know

The installation of radiant in-floor heating occurs under the floor. The heat generated from this system warms up your home from the floor upward. Some radiant floor heating systems use electrical heating elements and others use flexible tubing that circulates hot water. At Tile This, we are your source for the Nuheat radiant in-floor heating system that provides warm, cozy, and efficient heating for interior living spaces.

An Ideal Way to Heat Your Home

Radiant in-floor heating is an ideal way to heat up living spaces in your home. It is efficient, quiet, comfortable, unobtrusive, and does not spread dust and allergens as forced hot air systems do. Instead of overheating the perimeter of the room hoping that the warmer air will travel throughout the room before it rises, in-floor radiant heating heats from the ground upward. This produces more even heating into the room, including on furnishings and other surfaces.

As the floor warms up, the heat begins to radiate across the living space, raising the indoor temperature to the desired level in a uniform manner that also lasts for an extended period.

In addition, radiant in-floor heating places no restriction on the placement of furniture that may normally block air vents and registers in a standard furnace air system.

Prolonged Heat in Your Space

Since the radiant heat warms the space from the bottom up, it quickly brings heat to people in the room right where they are. Unlike a forced-heat system which requires continual blowing of heat into the room to maintain the temperature, a radiant floor heat system produces heat from all over the floor at once, which then rises to provide lingering heat.

In addition, with no blower involved, there is less chance for allergens or other pollutants to be distributed into the air in the room, making for higher air quality.

So the benefits of radiant in-floor heating are obvious and make for an efficient and safe form of heating for your spaces.

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