Pros and Cons of Radiant In-Floor Heating

Floor heating, which is also referred to as radiant floor heating, is a feature installed in homes that’s very popular in the home improvement industry. However, should you opt for radiant in-floor heating or stick to traditional radiators?

Pros of Radiant Floor In-Floor Heating

1. Energy Efficient Heating

There are water-based and electric based radiant floor heating systems. Both deliver heating from the floor up. Electric heating under the floor involves the heating of wires under the floor to produce heat. Warm water systems channel hot water through pipes to generate the heat that warms the floor in the room. Both methods produce efficient, consistent warmth.

2. More Space and Design Freedom

When you use radiant in-floor heating, you do not have to add radiators on the walls and all the space that those units take up in a room.

3. Very Easy to Run

There is virtually no maintenance required with In-floor radiant heating. Heating controllers are available with the systems that ensure your heat operates in an efficient manner, either using a Wi-Fi programmable thermostat or manually with a non-programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats allow you to have your in-floor heating system scheduled to turn on and off.

4. Works Great With All Floor Coverings

Radiant floor heating works well with all types of floor coverings. It gives you the freedom to use the floor covering you prefer, whether it be wood, carpet, stone, tile, laminate, or any other floor covering that is approved by the manufacturer.

5. Easy to Install

Regardless of whether you have In-floor radiant heating installed as a renovation project or part of an initial home construction, the installation process is relatively easy.

6. Comfort and Safety

Hot surfaces or sharp edges of radiators are not an issue when you use radiant in-floor heating. This heating system is safely out of the way and is not too hot when touched.

Cons of Radiant In-Floor Heating

Some of the cons involved with the use of a radiant in-floor heating system include higher installation cost, increased installation time, a radiant in-floor heating system and floor height depending on the installation method.

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