How to Install In-Floor Radiant Heat

Radiant heating systems use either electrical current or hydronic flow to provide heat to a floor area. The heat produced in the floor then spreads to other objects in the room, gradually heating up the entire space. At Tile This, we offer the Nuheat radiant in-floor heating system that provides efficient, cozy heat within interior spaces.

Installation of Radiant Heat Flooring

The following installation procedure is best used in homes that have minimal to zero access to the space under the floor. Often, with these radiant heat flooring systems, the best results are achieved when the existing floor is removed down to the subfloor in order to install the radiant heating system.

A general electrical radiant in-floor heating installation includes:

1. Prepare the Work Area

Remove the floor covering extending down the subfloor and sweep the base clean.

2. Lay Out Electric Heating Cables or Mats

Place the electrical heating cables or mats in such a way as to cover the required amount of floor area. Avoid overlapping any portion of the mats. Based on the manufacturer’s instructions, staple or attach in some secure manner the cables or mats to the subfloor. Install the thermocouple that came with the mats a minimum of about one foot from any walls and as near to the midpoint of the floor as possible.

Collect the wires from each mat and from the thermocouple and extend them along the wall to the locations of the electrical connections. Tape three feet from each wire to the wall above the floor.

3. Level the Floor

According to the directions on the bag, mix and pour the compound over the entire floor in order to achieve proper floor leveling. Add about 1/4 inch at a time until the cables or mats are completely submerged. Let the compound cure untouched for 24-72 hours.

4. Connect Electricity

Following all applicable electrical building codes, connect the wires from the cables or mats to the home’s electrical circuitry. Using the supplied wiring directions, connect the thermostat to the thermocouple wire.

Please Note: Use the services of a professional for these electrical tasks if you are not familiar with electrical wiring processes and/or not skilled enough to perform them properly.

5. Install the New Floor

Now it is time to add your floor covering, whether tile, linoleum, vinyl, laminate, or carpet with a dense pad. Once the leveling compound has cured, you can install the covered right on top of it. Do not penetrate the subfloor with fasteners, including tack strip, so that no damage occurs to the electrical components.

You may reduce the cost of installation by around 50% if you do the work yourself. However, many homeowners choose to hire a professional to ensure the work is done properly.

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