How to Cut Large Format Tile

Porcelain tiles are hard, durable, and beautiful. During the installation process, tiles often need to be cut in some manner. Many of these cuts are performed around wall outlets and the perimeter of a room. Cutting large tile, as opposed to cutting natural stone of smaller size is the same except the extra weight of the tile must be supported. Cutting large format requires attention to detail but may be performed by professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike. At Tile This, we are your source for effective tile cutting products to help complete tile installation projects with speed and efficiency.

The Cutting and Drilling Process

To cut and drill large format tile successfully, first lay the slab of tile on a stable, even, non-flexible surface. A good option is to use workbench with aluminum profiles.

For a length of 5 to 10 cm, score one end of the slab. Continue scoring from one edge to the next while applying the same consistent pressure as you go. Once the cut is completed, reposition the slab until the line of incision extends 10 cm out from the workbench. From both sides, begin splitting the tile with a pair of pliers, completing the cut as you follow the scoring line. Using a diamond polishing pad, smooth-out the rough edges.

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