Find the Best Value Diamond Saw Blade for Multi-Purpose Use

With the right diamond blades, you can achieve great results with your tile installation project and long term, effective use of the blades. On the other hand, choosing the wrong blades can cause you unnecessary hassles, and potentially prematurely damaged blades. There are certain factors to consider when choosing a diamond saw blade. At Tile This, we offer an extensive selection of diamond blades for tile cutting and installation requirements.

Some of the factors necessary to determine the selection of great value diamond blades for various purposes are explained below.

Materials to Be Cut

Prior to choosing a diamond cutting blade, it is essential to know what materials you need to cut. The type of material to be cut will help determine the cutting speed and service life of the blade. Materials may be fall under several categories, including hard, medium to hard, medium to soft, and soft. Diamonds with softer bonds are required for cutting harder materials.

Speed, Feed Rate, Depth, and Blade Thickness

A diamond blade’s thickness (diamond particle and matrix) determines the width of the cut made on the material. Therefore, the success of a diamond sawing process is determined based on the selection of the diamond blade plus the cutting speed, feed rate, and depth of cut.

Quality and Size of Saw or Grinder

The saw or grinder must be compatible with the diamond blades you choose based on the RPM, horsepower, and size of the tool. The right diamond saw blade for your equipment will help ensure not only optimum quality results for your cutting and installation project, but also safety.

Price of Diamond Blade

It is worth paying more for higher quality diamond blades to ensure longer term use of the blades and better performance. If the tasks required are of sufficient size and you want to ensure the best results whether the project is small or large in nature, going with better quality blades at a higher price is often the best choice.

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