Essential Tiling Tools Every Contractor Should Own

Ensuring your tiling project is completed to exacting standards starts with having the right tile installation tools.

Essential Tiling Tools for Professional Contractors

Below is a shortlist of essential tile tools:

1. Tile Trowels: Quality trowels, including margin, notched, and flat trowels offer a top return on investment

2. Tile Cutter: Professional quality tile cutters offer precision cutting, ergonomic design, and options for easy cutting on any type of tile

3. Diamond Bits and Saws: Diamonds are a tile setter’s best friend. These tile cutting tools make it easy to carefully cut through hard substances with precision

4. Mortar Mixer/Power Mixer: This simple tool mixes the mortar thoroughly, removing air bubbles

5. Rubber Buckets: This basic, durable and essential tool is for mixing mortar and can act as a temporary storage/sorting unit

6. Tile Nippers or Pincers: Used for those irregular cuts requiring preciseness.

7. Leveling System: Necessary for ensuring the tiles are laid properly.

8. Rubber Mallet: Required for tapping tiles gently and tightly into place.

9. Soft Urethane Grout Float: Essential for laying the grout between the seams.

Tile This is the Choice of Professionals

Tile This is committed to offering professionals the best options in tile installation tools. We offer a range of products for those just getting started in the industry and for expert tile setters who are focused on constantly improving their work. We carefully select all the products we offer, ensuring the tile setting tools stand up the job and provide the best tools available for our customers.