Buy Diamond Blades and Diamond Wheels Online

At Tile This, we are your source for diamond blades and diamond wheels that are ideal for various types of tile installation applications. We offer a wide-ranging selection of diamond blades and wheels, including Alpha Diamond Blades and the Husqvarna Diamond Blade Pack, in addition to others from Rubi, and Pearl.

Diamond blades and wheels are designed to cut and grind several types of hard materials, such as tile, stone, asphalt, metal, and concrete. Diamond cutting blades are more durable and preferred over abrasive blades which are more vulnerable to wearing out quickly and in some cases exploding during use.

Benefits of Diamond Blades and Wheels

Diamond tile blades can be mounted in grinders, tile saws, table saws, power hand saws, and masonry saws. These blades are sharp and provide a smooth cut without the negative result of chipping.

Diamond Tile Blade and Wheel Product Selection

Our selection includes an extensive array of diamond blades and diamond wheels for wets saws and angle grinders. The materials upon which these tools may be used include ceramic tile, porcelain tile, natural stone, and glass tile.

The selection of diamond cutting blade and diamond wheels we offer include the following:

  • Alpha Tools Marble Profile Wheel
  • Husqvarna Superlok Series Glass Blades
  • Husqvarna FLX Trio Blade Pack
  • Pearl Xtreme PX-4000 Diamond Wheel
  • Pearl P2 Pro V Ceramic Tile Blades
  • Pearl P2 Pro-V General Purpose Flat Core Turbo Blade
  • Pearl P2 Pro-V Tuck Point Blades
  • Pearl P2 Pro-V Porcelain Blades
  • Pearl P4 Porcelain-Reactor Blades
  • Pearl P4 Porcelain Blades
  • Pearl ProV Crack-Chaser
  • Pearl P4 Turbo Mesh Blades
  • Pearl Xtreme PX-4000 Diamond Wheel
  • Pearl Sidewinder Blade Roller
  • Rubi Arrowhead Blades
  • Raimondi Red Brick Dressing Stone
  • Rubi Blade Cleaning Block

Regardless of whether you are looking to purchase a Husqvarna Diamond Blade, Alpha Diamond Blades, Pearl Diamond Blades or Wheel, Rubi Arrowhead Blades, or Raimondi Red Brick Dressing Stone, we have you covered.

For more information about the selection of diamond blades and wheels we offer to help you successfully complete tile projects, or to ask us any questions about our tile product selection, give us call today at 952.882.0436 or complete our contact form.