Basics of a Wet Saw

A wet tile saw is a highly effective tool for efficiently and safely cutting porcelain and ceramic tile, in addition to stone tile. These saws produce uniform, smooth cuts in tile compared to the often less than clean edges produced by snap tile cutters. At Tile This, you can find the wet saw for sale you need. Such as the Raimondi wet saw, to complete your tile installation projects with speed, efficiency, and accuracy. These saws can also produce small shapes, odd angles, and cut bevels, in addition to standard straight cuts.

How a Wet Tile Saw Works

A wet tile saw has the appearance of a miter saw or small electric table saw. However, it has unique features that enables it to cut stone or ceramic tile. A wet saw, rather than using a traditional circular saw blade, uses a diamond-encrusted blade that grinds at the tile to prevent it from breaking.

During cutting operations, wet saws emit water from jet sprays that lubricate and cool the blade, while also preventing the dispersion of dust. In most wet saw models, the water is drawn from a built-in reservoir in the saw table. Other models receive the attachment of a hose that delivers a continual water stream as old water drains off.

Types of Wet Tile Saws

Most wet tiles saws for the consumer market function similarly to small table saws. This type of wet saw for sale has a blade that protrudes up through a slot in the table. During cutting operations, the tile slides over the table and the blade. Many of these saws allow you to cut tiles on an angle with an adjustable guide fence and miter gauge.

Wet saws designed for contractors have an appearance more like power miter saws. They have a design that features an overhead-mounted motor and blade. This design includes a table that slides forward carrying tile that is cut as it is fed across the blade. With this type of wet saw, you can cut tiles at angles by rotating the table. You can also pivot the motor and blade to produce bevel cuts. Some of these saws operate similarly to a radial arm saw as the tile remains in place while the blade and motor slide on rails above, cutting the tile from the top.

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