A Guide to Selecting the Right Tile Tools for Your Project

Whether you are working as a professional tile installer or looking for the right tools for a DIY tile project, you need the right tile installation tools. Without the right tile tools, a project that should have only taken a couple days could stretch out much longer and the quality of the results will likely suffer. At Tile This, we have you covered when it comes to tile cutting tools, tile setting tools, and any other tools necessary to help you achieve exceptional results with your tiling project.

Let’s look at some of the tools commonly used in tiling projects to help you determine the ones you will need.

Tile Cutters

Usually, tiles do not fit perfectly into spaces being renovated. Tile cutters are essential to help fit tiles in difficult spaces or lay tiles in non-conventional, complex patterns to achieve a clean, professional looking result.

When you need to make straight or diagonal cuts on basic tiling jobs, manual tile cutters are ideal for the task. When you need neat, clean, precise cuts, particularly for thick materials, electric wet tile cutters are recommended for the task. Tile grinders are effective for cutting complex angles. These grinders can handle tiles with greater thicknesses than many other tile cutting tools. They are often used on industrial projects.

Durable Tile Saw

Tile saws use an electric blade to easily cut thick tiles. These tile installation tools are ideal for larger tiling projects. Often the blade on these saws is cooled by water to prevent over-heating and premature wear and tear.

Long-Lasting Diamond Blades

Experienced tile installers understand the importance and effectiveness of diamond blades for the production of neat, clean tile cuts. These circular saws are used to cut everything from stone to concrete.

Dependable Mortar Mixer

You need mortar mixers with various paddle attachments that correspond with the differing strengths of materials. Mixers reduce the quantity of air in the mortar, increasing its strength.

Tile Leveling System

Tile leveling systems prevent the appearance of bumps, lumps, and lippage during the setting of floor and wall tiles. These tile setting tools also prevent the movement of tiles while the adhesive is setting. This system is essential to helping you achieve an even, beautiful tile surface.

Other Important Tile Tools You Need

Some of the other tools you may need for your tiling projects include:

  • Tile trowel: uses a cement-based mortar to attach tiles as evenly as possible to a wall or floor surface
  • Notched trowels: for the mixing and application of adhesives
  • Tile spacers: to ensure a uniform and symmetrical tile application and finish
  • Tile nippers: to cut small holes in tiles
  • Rubber grout floats: to easily smooth out large surface areas
  • Suction cups: to single-handedly place large tiles
  • Diamond drill bits: required when holes must be drilled into pipes, drainers, or tap connections

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