A Guide for Buying the Right Tile Cutter

If you are looking to add a fresh look to a bathroom, kitchen, or other hard surface space, updating the floor or wall tiles in that space is an effective way to do so. However, the right tools are needed to get the job done right. The difference between the result looking professional or amateur DIY may depend on using the right tile cutter tools. At Tile This, we are your premier source for an array of tile cutting tools that help you achieve efficient and accurate tile cuts for residential and commercial projects.

Manual Tile Cutters

Tile cutters are designed to cut straight lines accurately. These tools are often used to cut tile for the purposes of fitting it into small gaps located at the outer edges of a floor or wall. Many manual cutters, such as the Rubi tile cutter, have scoring wheels that are interchangeable. They can be conformed to cut tiles of various materials and sizes. These wheels penetrate the tile, marking and preparing it for the cut.

Electric Tile Cutters

Sometimes referred to as wet saws, electric tile cutters include a blade coated with small diamonds that rotates at very high speeds as it cuts through tile. Wet saws also incorporate a jet stream of water or a basin below the blade that keeps the blade within a proper operating temperature, counteracting the heat produced by friction during the cutting process. Wet saws or wet wheel cutters are often used to cut harder and denser materials than ceramic tile, such as thick porcelain and natural stones such as granite and marble.


Similar to pliers, tile nippers are designed to nip tile edges when cutting unusual or awkward shapes such as light switches, piping, and plug sockets. These tools are easy to handle and use – a simple hand grip is all that is needed to produce the desired shape of the cut. You can use nippers on porcelain tiles, but the thicker the tile, the more difficult is will be to perform the nip.

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