4 Different Types of Grouting Tools

It is important to use the right tools to apply and clean grout during tile installation or else your tile installation job will look less than professional. Proper grouting tools will help ensure extra, unnecessary grout is removed from the surface and that no haze or unappealing grout clumps remain on your tile. With the right tools, you can make sure all the joints between the tiles are filled properly. At Tile This, we are your source for the exceptional quality grout tools you need to complete tile installation projects efficiently.

Grout Float

A grout float looks like a trowel but has rubber base instead of a metal base. With this tool, you can easily and quickly capture grout and apply it to the surface of the tiles. A grout float can also effectively force grout into the joints between the tiles or remove excess grout before the grout dries.

Striking Tool

With a striking tool you can quickly shape the joints in between the tiles to produce the desire profile. Although some stores sell special strike grouting tools, many tile installers improvise when striking joints of grout. You can use a wooden spoon, corner of the grout float, a wooden dowel, or simply the corner of a grout float.

Grout Sponge

After you apply the grout, use a grout sponge to remove the excess grout and clean the surface. If you pass by this step of the process, the remaining grout will form an unappealing haze on the tile as it dries. Although you may think to use a standard sponge, it is best to use a grout cleaning system or grout sponges with rounded edges to help make sure you do not pull grout out of the joints, which can happen when using a sponge with square edges.


After the grout has dried, it is time to apply sealer to give the grout protection from stains. With a small paintbrush, apply the sealer based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Then, make sure the tile remains dry and protected until the sealer completely dries.

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