10 Must Have Tools For Professional Tile Installers

There is nothing worse than working on a tile project without the right tools. While it is possible to make do with modifying a tool in an emergency situation, the best solution to provide an exceptional tile installation is to have the correct tile tools for the job.

To help those just getting started in tile installation, here are 10 of the must have tile tools we recommend every professional or new tile installer to have on hand:

  • Kneepads – having a good set of kneepads is one of the most important things for any tile installer new or professional. Having the correct set of kneepads is what can make or break any installer.
  • Trowels – a variety of sizes, shapes, and types of tile trowels is a lightweight addition to your installation tools. With basic care after use, quality trowels can last for years.
  • Tile Spacers – use to keep tile at the correct spacing during the drying process, tile spacers are a must have on any project.
  • Mortar Mixer – using an electric mixer will help you get your thin-set to the correct consistency fast and efficiently.
  • Manual Tile Cutter – practical to use in any workplace, a manual tile cutter is a critical addition to any professional tile installers tool kit.
  • Grout Float – rubber grout floats are essential for quickly and effectively applying grout over the tile surface. Like trowels, having different sizes and thicknesses of the rubber pads allows for easy grouting with different types of tile.
  • Sponge – use for grouting, cleaning mixers and tools , or even tile as you go. It is wider and thicker than a typical sponge and can stand up to heavy use.
  • Tile Leveling System – to address warpage and lippage with tiles, particularly with larger natural stone floor tile, a tile leveling system is a must.
  • Tile Saw – for versatile, precision cutting of all types of tiles. When your cutter can’t do it, your saw will.
  • Drill Bits – ideally, for professional tile cutters, diamond drill bits are the ideal solution. These are typically used for drilling holes in tiles of all types, and the diamond drill bits are long-lasting and allow fast cutting through all tile types.

For more information on the best tile tools to have for any tile installation job, contact the experts at 952-882-0436.