Rubi M14 3HELIX Mixer Paddle Series

M-120-R Eco Mixer Paddle by Rubi is designed to avoid mixing air into the thinset/mortar. This paddle was designed to mix at the bottom of the pail, pulling unmixed material down and sending mixed material up.

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Rubi M14 3HELIX Mixer Paddle Series by Rubi is designed to mix thick and heavy materials such as mortar, finishing plaster and much more. The Rubi M14 3HELIX Mixer Paddle Series is made of high quality strong painted steel. The design of these paddles makes it so you mix from the bottom of the pail to avoid any air being stuck in the mortar. M14 3Helix Mixer Paddle Series are to be used between 200-500 RPM, and on 33-55 LB of mortar. M14 x 2 threaded connection. Adaptable directly to RUBIMIX 9 N, RUBIMIX 9 PLUS and other brands.

Paddle Sizes and Dimensions:

M-100-R 3H:

  • 4″ Wide
  • 21- 5/8″ Long
  • Mixes 33-44 LB Mortar
  • #25978

M-120-R 3H:

  • 4-3/4″ Wide
  • 24″ Long
  • Mixes 33-55 LB Mortar
  • #25979

M-120-R 3H LONG:

  • 4-3/4″ Wide
  • 30″ Long
  • Mixes 3-55 LB Mortar
  • #26953

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4" x 21 5/8", 4" x 24", 4 3/4" x 30"