IMER Combicut 350 iPower Stone/Paver Wet Saw


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IMER Combicut 350 iPower Stone/Paver Wet Saw is more powerful and accurate than ever before. The new 220V, 4HP, single phase high torque motor ensures that cuts are made quickly and accurately with the large 14″ diamond blade. It is designed both for building sites and for the installer. It ensures maximum cutting precision thanks to its user-friendly structure and the accessories that come with it. It allows installers to cut materials up to 48″ in length with plunge cutting capability. The IMER Combicut 350 iPower Stone/Paver Wet Saw can also be used on building sites to cut blocks up to 4-3/4″ in height with two passes. This saw features a tilting rail that allows for pristine 45° bevels and a protractor guide with 180º of movement for perfectly angled miters. The frame of the water basin has built in wheels for easy transport around the site when the legs are collapsed. The spring assisted legs are fast and easy to fold making setup and break down fast and easy.


  • Equipped with a 220V 4HP single phase motor
  • Uses 14″ diamond blades (general purpose blade included)
  • 45° bevel with tilting head
  • Includes 180° protractor guide
  • Cuts 48″ material with plunge capability
  • Has a max cutting depth of 4-3/4″ with 2 passes
  • Built in wheels for easy transportation
  • Spring assisted folding legs


  • Stand w/ wheel kit
  • 14″ diamond blade
  • Water pump
  • Protractor guide
  • Spare parts
  • Wrenches
  • Operator’s manual


  • 14″ blade diameter
  • 1″ arbor
  • 48″ rip
  • 4-3/4″ max cutting depth w/ 2 passes
  • 220V, 13.5 amp, 4HP single phase motor
  • 2,800 rpm
  • 265 lbs
  • 69″ x 55.5″ x 30″