Alpha Tools Quad Diamond Blades




Alpha Tools Quad Diamond Blades combine the performance of the Alpha Tools Plus Diamond Blades with the unique design for flush cutting applications. Unlike other blades, Alpha Tools Quad Diamond Blades accept the exclusive Alpha Tools Quad Drive Adapter, which eliminates the required lock nut. The Quad Drive Adapter has a threaded arbor that permits mounting on angle grinders for flush cutting applications. The quad driver was designed for larger diameters which enables angle grinders to be used for cutting applications with their existing safety guard in place. Alpha Quad Blades help make 90 degree inside corners cleanly and more efficiently. 8″ – 10″ require 8 hole adapter.


  • Requires quad drive adapter to fit high-speed angle grinders
  • Fits most popular high-speed angle grinders
  • Specially designed for flush cutting
  • Chip-free cutting on most demanding applications
  • Dry cutting turbo blades


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4", 5", 6", 7", 8", 9", 10"