Alpha Professional Tools Sandpaper Discs

Alpha Professional Tools Sandpaper Discs
Alpha Professional Tools Sandpaper Discs
Alpha Professional Tools Sandpaper Discs
Alpha Professional Tools Sandpaper Discs
Alpha Professional Tools Sandpaper Discs
Alpha Professional Tools Sandpaper Discs
Alpha Professional Tools Sandpaper Discs

Alpha Professional Tools Sandpaper Discs

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Your Ultimate Solution for Precision Sanding and Polishing!

Experience unparalleled performance with Alpha® Sandpaper discs, meticulously crafted for professionals who demand excellence in their work. Our discs feature a waterproof hook and loop backed material combined with a superior silicon carbide abrasive, making them the ideal choice for marbles and softer types of natural stone.

Key Features:

  1. Waterproof Hook and Loop Backed Silicon Carbide Abrasive: Engineered for durability and precision, our discs provide a reliable and efficient sanding experience.

  2. Resists Clogging When Used Wet: Alpha® Sandpaper ensures smooth operation even when used wet, extending the life of the disc and maintaining optimal performance.

  3. Use On Marbles and Softer Types of Natural Stone: Tailored for marble fabricators, these discs deliver effective and durable results on softer natural stones.

  4. Very Adaptable To Onsite Work and Easy To Use: Tile contractors appreciate the adaptability and ease of use that Alpha® Sandpaper provides for onsite projects.

  5. Can Also Be Used To Polish Glass, Metal, and Wood: Beyond natural stone, Alpha® Sandpaper is versatile enough to polish glass, metal, and wood, offering a comprehensive solution for various applications.

  6. Great for Multi-Purpose Sanding of Bondo, Primer & Paint: Restoration workers can rely on Alpha® Sandpaper for efficient sanding of bondo, primer, and paint, making it a versatile tool in their arsenal.

  7. Available in 4” and 5” Sizes (Boxes of 50): Choose the size that suits your needs, and enjoy the convenience of bulk packaging for uninterrupted workflow.

  8. Grits Available: #80, #120, #240, #320, #400, #500, and #600: Select the precise grit you need for your project, ensuring the desired finish every time.

  9. Grit Indication is U.S. Cami Grit System: Our discs provide clarity in grit indication, following the U.S. Cami Grit System for consistent and reliable results.

Elevate your sanding and polishing experience with Alpha® Sandpaper. Whether you're working with natural stone, glass, metal, or wood, trust Alpha Tools for exceptional quality and performance. Make each project a masterpiece with the precision of Alpha® Sandpaper Discs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Barry J.

Polishing stone is what it works for

Handy stone polishing tool for making smooth exposed tile edges on marble corners

I had to polish some outside corner marble edges for a kitchen tile job, the customer didn't want to use an edge product that looked out of place with their design. Starting with the coarse to very fine discs this pack of discs helped achieve the look they wanted. I was lucky to smooth out the stone since Marble is a lot easier to smooth out than other harder stone products.

One of the best

If you�re familiar with Alpha products you know they make quality stuff. These sanding discs are no exception. I personally bought these for wet sanding (mostly) epoxy with a variable speed 4 inch angle grinder. They�re made for sanding and polishing stone I believe, but they�ve worked great on everything for me from wood to metal to resin. They last pretty long too.

It works

I loved it worked great..I remdend this.but you do need. A feeble speed grinder or polisher


I redid my shower from a cheap fiberglass tub/shower combo to a tile walk in shower and installed a 60”X6” marble window sill as the cap to the shower curb. The marble window sill I purchased from Floor & Decor came with only one edge finished and polished so I used these sanding discs to finish and polish the rough cut edge. I used all the grits on my variable speed grinder set at low RPMs and it came out perfectly. This was a LOT cheaper than special ordering a marble piece with both edges finished and polished. I literally saved over $100 polishining out the rough edge myself and it was a very satisfying process doing it myself and seeing the shine come through as I moved through each grit.

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