Alpha Professional Tools Green Multi-Purpose G-Tape, 2"x164'

Alpha Professional Tools Green Multi-Purpose G-Tape, 2"x164'
Alpha Professional Tools Green Multi-Purpose G-Tape, 2"x164'

Alpha Professional Tools Green Multi-Purpose G-Tape, 2"x164'

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Alpha Tools GT1009GR Green Multi-Purpose G-Tape, a versatile tape designed to elevate your project experience. With its exceptional features, this 2"x164' tape is a must-have for all your repair and construction needs.

Key Features:

  1. Hand Tearing-Straight and Easy: Easily tear the tape by hand, ensuring convenience and efficiency in your projects without the need for additional tools.

  2. Residue Free Removal: Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that this tape leaves no residue when removed, preserving the integrity of your surfaces.

  3. Waterproof: Engineered to be waterproof, the Alpha Tools G-Tape provides a reliable solution for various applications, even in wet or humid conditions.

  4. All-Weather Usage (-40°F to +200°F / -40°C to +93°C): Tackle projects in extreme temperatures ranging from -40°F to +200°F (-40°C to +93°C) with confidence, as this tape maintains its performance in diverse weather conditions.

  5. Repositionable: The tape's repositionable feature allows for flexibility in your work, making it an ideal choice for quick adjustments and corrections.

  6. Highly Weather/UV Resistant: Experience superior durability with high resistance to weather and UV exposure, ensuring the tape maintains its integrity over time.

  7. Good Surface Protection: Safeguard your surfaces with this tape, providing an additional layer of protection during various applications.

  8. Great for Quick Repairs: Whether it's a minor fix or a quick repair, the Alpha Tools G-Tape is your reliable companion for a variety of projects.

  9. Easily Mark Tape with Ball Point Pen, Permanent Marker, China Marker, etc.: Customize your tape for easy identification or labeling using common writing tools such as ballpoint pens, permanent markers, or China markers.

Upgrade your toolkit with the Alpha Tools GT1009GR Green Multi-Purpose G-Tape and experience the ease of use, durability, and versatility it brings to your projects. Trust in its quality and make every repair or construction task a breeze!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Adam V. Floyd
Best painters tape ever

This tape is awesome. Seals tightly and is waterproof. Can be removed and reused without residue. Tears off the roll (no scissors needed), but is really strong (fiber reinforced). Can be used as expensive painters tape, when it makes sense. Can be used to temporarily hold something and reused (e.g., keeping blueprints or papers rolled up instead of a rubber band). Can be used with Sharpie to label something where the label will get wet. This tape is a must for me. I wish the price point was lower.

Tammy A Hoxie
Does what its supposed to

I am in the stone restoration business. Tend to bounce between this and blue 3m painters tape for my needs. Both are similar in performance.

Great product

Been procrastinating about buying this to put on my levels for protection on them and the products. Checked calibration before and after applying on stabila levels. Same results. Consistent thickness with tape and good adhesion

Julie ContivalJulie Contival
Good stuff

Really stuck to the card board I laid down to protect my deck while i built the roof.

Ryan Murphy
Great other than flat ceilings

It works great on exterior surfaces or glossy interior surfaces. BEWARE, it does not work well on ceilings painted in a flat sheen.....I am not sure why but it pulls the paint along with spots of drywall causing damage. Just finished a bathroom addition and used it in 3 different rooms for plastic barriers and pulled drywall in all rooms.That is literally my only complaint or it would have had 5 stars from me.

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