Imer Workman II 250 Mixer with 240V 1.5HP Single Phase Motor

Imer Workman II 250 Mixer with 240V 1.5HP Single Phase Motor
Imer Workman II 250 Mixer with 240V 1.5HP Single Phase Motor

Imer Workman II 250 Mixer with 240V 1.5HP Single Phase Motor

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Introducing the Imer Workman II 250 Mixer: the pinnacle of heavy-duty mixing performance designed specifically for contractors. With its robust construction, powerful motor, and thoughtful features, the Workman II 250 stands as the preferred choice for demanding mixing tasks.

Key Features:

  1. 9 cu ft Capacity: The Workman II 250 boasts a generous 9 cubic foot capacity, providing ample space for mixing large batches of materials with ease.

  2. Steel Drum with 6 cu ft Output: Crafted from durable steel, the drum ensures longevity and reliability while delivering a consistent 6 cubic foot output, making it ideal for a variety of mixing applications.

  3. "Posi-lock" System: Equipped with an innovative "Posi-lock" system, operators can halt the drum's rotation at any desired position, allowing for precise control over the mixing process.

  4. Aggressive Paddles: Engineered with specially designed aggressive paddles, the Workman II 250 ensures fast and thorough mixing, delivering consistent results with every batch.

  5. Forklift Pockets: Integrated forklift pockets enhance portability and maneuverability, simplifying transportation and positioning of the mixer on job sites.

  6. Commercial Duty Tow Hitch: Designed for reliability and durability, the commercial-duty tow hitch ensures secure attachment to towing vehicles, providing peace of mind during transportation.

  7. Spare Tire: Included spare tire offers added convenience and ensures minimal downtime in the event of unexpected tire issues, allowing uninterrupted workflow on the job site.

  8. 20" Pneumatic Wheels: Featuring 20" pneumatic wheels, the Workman II 250 facilitates smooth towing across various terrains, enhancing mobility and versatility.

The Imer Workman II 250 Mixer with a 240V 1.5HP single-phase motor is the epitome of efficiency, durability, and performance, catering to the needs of contractors and professionals in diverse industries. From construction projects to landscaping endeavors, trust the Workman II 250 to deliver exceptional mixing results, time and time again.

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