Imer Towable 18CF Mix 750 with 208V 7.5HP 3 Phase Motor

Imer Towable 18CF Mix 750 with 208V 7.5HP 3 Phase Motor
Imer Towable 18CF Mix 750 with 208V 7.5HP 3 Phase Motor

Imer Towable 18CF Mix 750 with 208V 7.5HP 3 Phase Motor

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Introducing the Imer Towable 18CF Mix 750 with a robust 208V 7.5HP 3 Phase Motor, designed to revolutionize precast mixing operations with its unparalleled efficiency and performance. Ideal for high-demand environments, this mixer is engineered to deliver exceptional results while ensuring convenience and safety.

Key Features:

  1. Efficient Discharge System: The Mix 750 boasts an easy-to-open and close discharge system, providing seamless operation even in bustling environments. Designed to withstand impact from mud buckets or forklifts, it ensures durability and longevity.

  2. Hinged Safety Grate: Accessing the mixer is made effortless with the hinged safety grate, allowing immediate entry for maintenance or adjustments without compromising safety protocols.

  3. Mini-Batch Plant Production: Experience the productivity of a mini-batch plant at the cost of a standard mortar mixer. The Mix 750 harnesses immense mixing power, surpassing conventional horizontal shaft mortar mixers, enabling efficient mixing of refractory mud and stiff, dry materials.

  4. Powerful Motor Options: Choose from a Honda gasoline or 3-phase electric motor, providing versatility to suit different operational requirements and environments.

  5. Tow Package: Equipped with a tow package including a bar and hitch, facilitating easy transportation between job sites for maximum flexibility and convenience.

  6. High-Performance Tires and Suspension: Navigate various terrains with ease, thanks to the 22" pneumatic highway tires and torsion bar suspension, ensuring smooth and stable movement even in challenging conditions.

  7. Ample Drum Capacity: With a generous 22 cubic feet drum capacity, the Mix 750 accommodates substantial material volumes, minimizing downtime for refills and enhancing operational efficiency.

  8. Impressive Batch Output: Achieve remarkable productivity with a batch output of 16 cubic feet, enabling swift and consistent mixing for seamless workflow integration.

  9. Forklift Pockets: Enhance maneuverability and handling with forklift pockets, facilitating effortless loading and unloading operations, optimizing efficiency on the job site.

The Imer Towable 18CF Mix 750 sets a new standard in precast mixing, offering unmatched performance, durability, and versatility for demanding applications. Invest in the Mix 750 to elevate your mixing operations and experience superior results like never before.

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