Guru Water-Stop 60" Shower Curb

Guru Water-Stop 60" Shower Curb

Guru Water-Stop 60" Shower Curb

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Introducing the Guru USA Water-Stop 60" Shower Curb – the ultimate solution for achieving unparalleled waterproofing in your shower installations. Our Water-Stop Shower Curbs are meticulously crafted to provide a durable and reliable water-tight barrier, ensuring a worry-free shower experience for years to come.

Key Features:

High-Density EPS Foam Construction: Crafted from high-density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam, these shower curbs offer exceptional durability while maintaining a lightweight design. This ensures ease of installation without compromising on strength.

Factory Bonded WATER-STOP Waterproofing Sheet Membrane: The Water-Stop shower curb is covered with a factory-bonded WATER-STOP waterproofing sheet membrane. This advanced membrane not only enhances the curb's longevity but also provides an impenetrable shield against water, preventing leaks and potential water damage.

Preformed Design for Easy Installation: The 60" length of our Water-Stop Shower Curb is preformed, streamlining the installation process. This feature ensures a precise fit, saving valuable time during the installation while maintaining the highest standards of waterproofing.

Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with various shower systems, our Water-Stop 60" Shower Curb is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing or new shower installation. Its versatile nature allows for easy customization to suit a wide range of shower sizes and designs.

Long-Lasting Performance: Guru USA prioritizes quality and longevity. Our shower curbs are built to withstand daily wear and tear, providing a long-lasting solution that stands the test of time.

Professional-Grade Waterproofing: Trust in the professional-grade waterproofing capabilities of the Water-Stop Shower Curb. Rest easy knowing that your shower is fortified against water infiltration, preventing potential structural damage and maintaining the integrity of your bathroom space.

Upgrade your shower installation with confidence by choosing the Guru USA Water-Stop 60" Shower Curb. Ensure water-tight reliability and enjoy peace of mind every time you step into your shower.

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