Raimondi 1/16" (1.5MM) Heavy Duty Tile Leveling Clips

Raimondi 1/16 inch (1.5MM) Heavy Duty Tile Leveling Clip for Precise Tile Installation
Raimondi 1/16 inch (1.5mm) Heavy Duty Tile Leveling Clips, 2200 pieces
Raimondi 1/16" (1.5MM) Heavy Duty Tile Leveling Clips

Raimondi 1/16" (1.5MM) Heavy Duty Tile Leveling Clips

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Introducing the Raimondi 1/16" (1.5MM) Heavy Duty Tile Leveling Clips, engineered for flawless tile installation with unparalleled strength and ease of use. Available in convenient bags of 250, 500, or a 2200 Box, these clips are designed to revolutionize your tiling process.

Key Features:

  1. Heavy Duty Design: The Raimondi HD clips boast exceptional tensile strength, providing unmatched vertical load-bearing capacity. Whether you're working with standard or heavyweight tiles, these clips ensure optimal leveling and stability.

  2. Precise Joint Size: With a joint size of 1/16" (1.5MM), these clips facilitate precise grout lines, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your tiled surface.

  3. Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for tile thicknesses ranging from ⅛" (2.5 mm) to ½" (13 mm), these clips accommodate a wide variety of tile installations, making them a versatile choice for professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike.

  4. Easy Insertion: The innovative design of these clips simplifies the insertion of the wedge under the tile, streamlining the leveling process and saving valuable time on your projects.

  5. Seamless Integration: Compatible with the same wedge and pliers used for other Raimondi clips, these HD clips seamlessly integrate into your existing toolkit, ensuring consistency and efficiency across your tiling projects.

  6. Enhanced Packaging: The new packaging features improved presentation and accessibility. Equipped with easily removable corners, the boxes containing the bags facilitate quick and effortless access to the clips. Clear indications on the front of the box provide concise information, enhancing convenience during product selection and usage.


  • Superior Strength: With high tensile strength, these clips can handle even the heaviest tiles with ease, ensuring lasting durability and stability.
  • Precise Results: Achieve precise grout lines and level surfaces, enhancing the overall appearance and quality of your tiled installations.
  • Effortless Operation: The user-friendly design of these clips simplifies the leveling process, reducing labor and minimizing installation time.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with existing Raimondi tools, these clips offer seamless integration into your workflow, promoting consistency and efficiency.
  • Enhanced Packaging: The redesigned packaging improves product presentation and accessibility, making it easier to handle and store the clips on-site.

Experience the ultimate in tile leveling performance and convenience with the Raimondi 1/16" (1.5MM) Heavy Duty Tile Leveling Clips. Upgrade your tiling projects with confidence and precision.

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