USG Preformed Shower Curb


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USG Preformed Shower Curb is a curb made of high density foam. All USG Preformed products are made of this high density foam to ensure a strong long lasting base. The USG Preformed Shower Curb is only available in a 48″ length but can be cut down to the desired length needed. You can also combine multiple USG shower curbs to form any length needed that exceeds 48″.  Made 48″ long with a 5″ height and 4.5″ width, these preformed shower curbs are made to give an appealing aesthetic to any tile shower application. Being that these curbs are not pre-waterproofed, curb installation calls for USG Waterproofing Membrane and USG Membrane Inside and Outside Corners. Please see and use manufacturer suggested installation process. Failure of proper installation can lead to lead to pooling water, leaking water, water under waterproofing membrane, mold, and possible demolition of shower and surrounding areas.



  • High density foam for strong lasting base
  • Can be cut to desired length
  • Can be combined with another USG curb for lengths greater than 48″
  • Light weight
  • Easy to work with
  • Gives a good aesthetic for any tile shower application
  • Time and monetarily efficient
  • No need for dry pack



  • 48″ x 5″ x 4.5″


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