RUBISCRAPER 250 Electric Grout Scraper


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RUBISCRAPER 250 Electric Grout Scraper has key features including depth control, toughness, and it does not generate dust. The RUBISCRAPER 250 Electric Grout Scraper is the safest option to remove grout with a cement base. Unlike other grout scrapers, its tungsten carbide blades do not work through friction, but rather literally dig and tear the grout material. Among the main advantages of RUBISCRAPER 250, the ease with which you can control the depth of scratching, its high robustness, it does not generate dust since it does not work by friction. The self-guided system that allows you to always stay inside the joint and minimize the risk of damaging or breaking the ceramic tiles during the process. With an ergonomic design and its three working speeds, the electric grout scraper allows for small repairs and replacement of pieces. RUBISCRAPER 250 has blades that are able to be sharpened and re-used. The replacement blades are available in various sizes to suit the different existing grout widths. See Rubi Grout Applicator to make your grout repairs that much easier.


  • Ergonomic design and bi-material finishing, for greater comfort and better stability.
  • Light and resistant. Maximum reliability.
  • Blades made in tungsten carbide.
  • Resharpenables for a greater performance. Patented model.
  • Fast locking / unlocking system for easy assembly of blade.