Rubi Manual Grout Mortar Applicator


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Rubi Manual Grout Mortar Applicator and Accessories apply for a quick and clean application of grout. The Rubi Manual Grout Mortar Applicator allows for tile installers to cut back on grout costs by being able to regulate the amount being used. Not only can the applicator tool be used for grout but thin-set mortar as well. Spare parts also available.


  • Has a capacity of 650 cc
  • Super light weight and made of aluminum
  • Allows for a quick, easy, and clean application
  • It reduces the consumption of grout and after grouting dirt
  • The pressure is adjustable with the use of the trigger
  • Can be used for application of silicone, PU rigid, and flexible cartridges.

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Manual Grout Mortar Applicator, Set of Spare Pads (kit), Spare Nozzles