Alpha Tools Beveling Auxiliary Bases




Alpha Tools Beveling Auxiliary Bases are a precision grinding and polishing tool. The Beveling Auxiliary Base can turn any polisher or variable-speed grinder into a precision straight and beveled edge polishing tool. Whether the edges are being prepared for a seamless countertop installation, or to give a fancy bevel as the edge treatment, the Alpha Tools Beveling Auxiliary Bases will provide a secure polishing angle (between 15 to 90 degrees). The installation and dismantling is quick and easy so the same tool can be used for many other applications.


  • Transforms any polisher or variable speed grinder into a precision straight and beveled edge polishing tool
  • Grind and polish from 15 degree Hollywood Bevel to 45 degree beveled edge or straight edge
  • Excellent for preparing surfaces for seamless countertop installations
  • Designed to fit various polishers/sanders/variable-speed grinders with a 5/8”- 11 or M14-2 spindles
  • Grind and polish straight edges with ease
  • Exterior water-feed system included
  • Option of 5/8″-11 or M14-2 spindles

Included with Standard Auxiliary Base (5/8″-11 and M14-2):

  • Universal adapter assembly
  • Clamping base for 15-45 degrees
  • Clamping base for 90 degrees
  • Water hose
  • Water valve
  • 10ft water hose assembly
  • Hex wrench
  • Spanner Wrench

Included with Beveling Base Starter Kit:

  • BAB1590 5/8″-11 Beveling Auxiliary Base
  • BAB-CASM Carriage Assembly
  • Guide Rail Set (4′, 7′, 12′ / 1.2m, 2.1m, 3.6m)
  • Surface Protection Tape
  • Operator’s manual


  • 15-45 degree beveling angle
  • 3/8″ beveling depth
  • 90 degree max straight angle
  • 4″ blade/pad size
  • 5/8″-11 or M4-2
  • 3.57 lbs


Using the Beveling Auxiliary Base

How to Make a Miter Edge on Tile



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5/8"-11 Base, M14-2 Base, 5/8"-11 Beveling Base Starter Kit, M14-2 Beveling Base Starter Kit