The Importance of Proper Sloping and Waterproofing

Proper drainage is crucial for the prevention of issues involving standing water during shower use and also for the minimization of moisture after the water is turned off. Mold and mildew can develop in a shower area if there is constant moisture present on the shower floor, a problem that occurs because of inadequate sloping. At Tile This, we offer inventory that includes a broad array of wedges, wet saws, and more, all at prices that outdo the competition. When it comes to shower installations with tile, the use of proper waterproofing and sloping is essential.

The Need for Proper Waterproofing

Tile and mortar are an excellent combination for shower flooring. It is essential that waterproofing underlayments are thoroughly watertight to seal up tile and grout which are porous materials. Water and water vapors can easily pass through tile into underlying membranes easier than they can with other flooring materials.

The Need for Proper Sloping

A crucial part of any waterproofing system is the sloping of that system. It is close in importance to the actual waterproof membrane installed. When proper sloping is not implemented, problems with the system are going to manifest, such as the development of small ponds of water in various places on the shower floor and other areas of the shower, which can eventually lead to deterioration and failure.

Additional issues related to improper sloping can include discoloration and staining, breakdown and/or wearing of surface coats, bubbling, cracking, leaking, and decay.

Stall shower floors should be sloped at 1/4″ per foot minimum in order to provide an effective pathway of travel for the water to the drain. You may also find a source that suggests this slope should be 1/2″ per foot. This is designated as the maximum slope for shower floors.

Plumbing and building standards also indicate that all shower surfaces, not just the floor, have a slope that carries water to the drain – the same slopes as mentioned above. These surfaces in a shower can include corner shelves, the shelves of a niche, the threshold or curb under the door, windowsills, seats, and shaving shelves.

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