SikaTile®-500 LHT Lite, 30lb Bag

SikaTile®-500 LHT Lite, 30lb Bag

SikaTile®-500 LHT Lite, 30lb Bag

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Introducing SikaTile®-500 LHT Lite, your solution for superior-grade, lightweight, flexible LHT mortar. Designed to revolutionize your tiling projects, this single-component mortar boasts a range of key features and advantages tailored to meet the demands of both interior and exterior installations.

Key Features:

  1. Lightweight Composition: SikaTile®-500 LHT Lite is engineered to be lightweight without compromising strength, allowing for easier handling and application.
  2. Non-Sag, Non-Slip Formula: Its non-sag and slip-resistant properties make it ideal for setting large and heavy tiles with confidence, minimizing the risk of tile slippage during installation.
  3. Versatile Application: With a thickness range from 3/32" to 3/4" (2.4 mm to 19 mm), it provides better support under large and heavy tiles and natural stone, ensuring flat, even installations.
  4. Dustless Technology: Featuring innovative Dustless Technology, this mortar produces approximately 80% less dust than ordinary thin sets, promoting cleaner working conditions and reducing mess.
  5. Enhanced Spreadability: Its creamy consistency and flowable properties make it easy to spread, reducing the need for back-buttering and facilitating efficient application.
  6. Reduced Water Usage: SikaTile®-500 LHT Lite utilizes less water for consistent hydration, resulting in quicker drying times and ensuring a strong bond.
  7. Extended Working Time: Enjoy longer working times with this mortar, allowing for greater flexibility during installation without compromising quality.
  8. Mold and Mildew Resistance: Built to withstand the challenges of moisture-prone environments, it offers resistance against mold and mildew growth, ensuring lasting durability.
  9. No-Slake, No-Wait Formula: Say goodbye to waiting—simply mix, trowel, and install, streamlining your tiling process for maximum efficiency.
  10. Available in Gray or White: Choose from either gray or white options to suit your aesthetic preferences and project requirements.


  • Non-sag and slip resistance for secure installation of large and heavy tiles.
  • Eliminates tile lippage with its non-slumping formula.
  • Offers flexibility with application thickness of up to 3/4" (19 mm) on horizontal surfaces.
  • 30 lb. bag provides the same coverage as a typical 50 lb. bag of mortar, optimizing value and reducing waste.
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior floors and walls, offering versatile application options.
  • Promotes cleaner working conditions with reduced dust production, enhancing overall job site safety.
  • Creamier consistency facilitates easier spreading, improving overall application efficiency.
  • Mold and mildew resistance ensures long-lasting performance in moisture-prone areas.

Elevate your tiling projects with SikaTile®-500 LHT Lite, the lightweight, flexible mortar solution designed for superior performance and ease of use.

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