SikaLatex® R

SikaLatex® R

SikaLatex® R

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Introducing SikaLatex® R: Your Trusted Acrylic Latex Bonding Agent and Admixture

Key Features:

  1. Acrylic-Polymer Latex: SikaLatex® R is formulated with high-quality acrylic-polymer latex, ensuring superior bonding and performance in portland-cement mortar and concrete applications.
  2. Non-Re-emulsifiable: Unlike traditional latex products, SikaLatex® R is non-re-emulsifiable, providing long-lasting durability and stability to your cement-based projects.
  3. General Purpose Admixture: Versatile in its application, SikaLatex® R serves as a general purpose admixture, enabling the production of polymer-modified concrete and mortar with ease.
  4. Bonding Grout Capability: When mixed with sand and portland cement, SikaLatex® R transforms into a reliable bonding grout, facilitating excellent adhesion and primer coat functionality.
  5. Enhanced Performance: By replacing water with SikaLatex® R, cement-based products achieve improved adhesion, denser surfaces, and overall enhanced performance, ensuring lasting durability in various construction projects.
  6. Freeze/Thaw Durability: Concrete, mortar, grout, and other applications fortified with SikaLatex® R demonstrate increased resistance to freeze/thaw cycles, enhancing structural integrity and longevity.
  7. Vapor Barrier-Free: SikaLatex® R does not produce a vapor barrier, allowing for optimal breathability and moisture management in cement-based structures.


  • Improved Adhesion: SikaLatex® R enhances the adhesion of concrete, mortar, and grout to prepared substrates, ensuring reliable bonding in diverse construction environments.
  • Enhanced Strength: When utilized as a bonding grout, SikaLatex® R significantly boosts the adhesive strength of mortar and concrete, providing robust structural integrity and performance.
  • Optimal Freeze/Thaw Resistance: With its advanced formulation, SikaLatex® R enhances the freeze/thaw durability of cement-based materials, reducing the risk of cracking and deterioration in challenging weather conditions.

Color: Milky-white in appearance, ensuring easy visibility during application and mixing.

Available Sizes: SikaLatex® R is conveniently available in 1 Gallon or 5 Gallon containers, catering to various project scales and requirements.

Trust SikaLatex® R for superior bonding, durability, and performance in your cement-based construction projects.

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