Tuscan Leveling System Straps


The T.L.S (Tuscan Leveling System) strap and cap leveling system is time saving and cost effective.



Tuscan Leveling System Straps by Pearl Abrasive were designed to be used on tiles of uniform thickness only. 2-piece system that virtually eliminates lippage on floors and on walls during tile installation. The Tuscan Leveling System Straps pass standard industrial compression test. This tile leveling system is very easy to learn and use at any skill level. Tuscan Leveling System prevents tiles from moving and shifting while curing. Tuscan Leveling System is a time saving method when it comes to tile leveling systems, which is more profitable for the installer. Recommended for gauged tiles of 12″ or larger. Virtually lippage free, flat surface drastically reduces the need for grinding and polishing. Although using the Tuscan Leveling System Gun is not required, it is highly recommended by the manufacturer to achieve a flat and lippage free application. Please refer to the How-To-Use video for instructions of use. See Tuscan Leveling System Caps as they are required when using Tuscan Leveling System. TLS Straps are available in 3 different quantities as well as TLS Caps.


  • Easy to use
  • Lippage free
  • Good for almost any sized tile
  • Available in 3 different quantities


  • TLSSTRAP1000 – 1000 Pieces
  • TLSSTRAP200 – 200 Pieces
  • TLSSTRAP500 – 500 Pieces
  • TLSWSTRAP500 – 500 Pieces (Wing)
  • TLSWSTRAP1000 – 1000 Pieces (Wing)

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1000, 500, 200, 500W, 1000W