Suntouch SunStat Connect Thermostat


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Suntouch SunStat Connect Thermostat has Wi-Fi capability, that lets you control your floor heating remotely, using a mobile app or via the internet. As a result, you can adjust your floor heating settings at any time from anywhere. Additional features let the system compensate for weather changes to save on energy use. Suntouch SunStat Connect Thermostat has outdoor temperature and weather display options. Comes with weather compensation and warm weather shutdown settings. Has remote software update capability so you never have to manually update. Dual-voltage 120/240 VAC capability. Download the Mobile Application by searching for SunStat Connect on Android or Apple or visit SunStatConnect.com. Thermostat packaging also contains thermostat floor sensor probe.


  • Wifi capability
  • Control your heated floor anywhere, any time via mobile app
  • Gives real time outdoor temperature
  • Compensates for outdoor temps to save on energy usage
  • Built in software for updates, eliminating manually updating thermostat
  • Fully programmable
  • Full touchscreen display