SunTouch HeatMatrix




SunTouch HeatMatrix uncoupling membranes provide the ultimate protection of your tiles and underfloor radiant heating system from damage caused by moisture or water vapor and floor movement. Manufactured from a flexible material, HeatMatrix is an easy-to-install underlayment providing uncoupling properties for tile, water proofing for the subfloor, and a simple installation of heating wires. Available in rolls and single 10sqft sheets. SunTouch HeatMatrix offers installers and DIYers many first-class features and benefits. Please see manufacturers installation guide. Failure to properly install Suntouch HeatMatrix could result in demolition of floor heating application. Learn more at Suntouch.com.


  • Less rollback memory to allow for faster, flatter setting during installations
  • Multiple wire-spacing options for various heat outputs and flexibility during installation
  • Compatibility with modified thinset
  • Also comes equipped with a unique Vapor Management system designed with built-in tunnels to swiftly alleviate water and prevent mildew and mold formations.
  • Water-resistant and highly durable, designed to work most effectively with WarmWire floor heating cables.


  • 161 sq/ft roll – 8006GRY161-ST
  • 40 sq/ft roll – 8006GRY40-ST
  • 10 sq/ft sheet – 81020013

For areas exposed to surface water, use HeatMatrix Joint Strip to seal the gap between rows of membrane. Also used to span the seam at room edges where HeatMatrix and wall membranes meet.

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161 sq/ft, 40 sq/ft, 10 sq/ft