Sigma 3D2 37″ Tile Cutter


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Sigma 3D2 37″ Tile Cutter is equipped pull style handle has a replaceable 12mm scoring wheel that helps the user get the classic sigma smooth score. The Sigma 3D2 37″ Tile Cutter is excellent on porcelain tiles, ceramic tile and glass tiles. The true spring loaded base plates are split center with a cast aluminum bar running through them. This allows the breaking pressure to be dispersed evenly on both sides of the base plate/tile to ensure a clean and even snap. Equipped with a rotating measuring bar, the Sigma 3D2 allows 45 degree score and snaps in either direction. Although Sigma tile cutters are made in Italy with Italian quality, the Sigma tile cutters we carry have the measurement bar in inches.


  • Pull handle style Sigma tile cutter
  • Smooth cut 12mm scoring wheel
  • Excellent on porcelain, ceramic, and glass tile.
  • True spring loaded base plates
  • Rotating measure bar rotates up to 45 degrees either way
  • Clever duel measurement scale, one for 45 degree cuts (measure from corner of tile to cut line)
  • Measuring bar is in Inches
  • Side bar to support larger tiles


  • Maximum straight cut length – 37″
  • Maximum diagonal cut length – 24″
  • Maximum tile thickness – 3/4″
  • Overall cutter weight – 30 lbs