Sigma 12E 96″ Tile Cutter


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Sigma 12E 96″ Tile Cutter is designed for extra large format tile with a whopping 8ft cutting length. The Sigma 12E 96″ Tile Cutter has two sets of true spring loaded tables split perfectly down the middle with an aluminum bar to get an accurate and clean break every time. The Sigma 12E is equipped with an ergonomic handle placed on a steel rail with 3 bearings to provide and smooth score. Both sides of this massive cutter have 2 swing arms that add support to the over sized tiles being cut. Although Sigma Tile Cutters are made in Italy, the Sigma 12E comes with an adjustable 45 degree fence with inches rather than cm. The fence can swing in 45 degrees both directions and can be tighten down for repeat cuts.


  • Capable of cuts up too 96″ long
  • Has an ergonomic handle mounted on 3 bearings
  • 2 sets of spring loaded breaker tables
  • Has double measurement bar with adjustment up too 45 degrees both ways
  • Equipped with rolling wheels for easy transportation
  • Push style cutter
  • Wide breaking foot to break thicker material


  • Maximum straight cut length – 96″ (245cm)
  • Maximum diagonal cut length – 70″ (180cm)
  • Maximum tile thickness – 3/4″ (19mm)
  • Overall cutter weight – 95 lbs