Schluter Ditra XL Uncoupling Membrane




Schluter Ditra XL Uncoupling Membrane is a polyethlyene uncoupling membrane for use as an underlayment in tile and stone flooring installations. Ditra has a grid like structure of cut-back cavities and a special anchoring fleece that is laminated to the underside. This fleece allows the thinset mortar to anchor in the uncoupling membrane and create a structure that significantly decreases tile and grout cracks. Schluter Ditra XL Uncoupling Membrane also provides a waterproofing layer to moisture sensitive sub-floors such as OSB and plywood. Ditra XL is available in custom cuts from sizes of 10 sq/ft up too 175 sq/ft (full roll). Ditra XL works best when adhered with one of Schluters Thinset Mortars. Please see manufacturer installation guide.



  • Crack prevention of tile and grout
  • Can withstand heavy load distribution
  • Acts as a waterproofing for moisture sensitive subfloor materials
  • Vented backing for vapor management
  • 5/16″” thickness makes an even transition to 3/4″ wood and 5/16″ thick tile flooring
  • Allows for tile installation on 24″ OC joist spans
  • Easy to install
  • Tile can be installed immediately after adhesion to sub-floor


Acceptable Materials under Ditra: 

  • Concrete
  • Gypsum
  • OSB
  • Plywood
  • Existing vinyl floors
  • Structural Planks
  • Sub-floors
  • Radiant Heat


Custom Sizes Available: 

  • 10 sq/ft to 175 sq/ft

Additional information

Sizes Available:

10 sq/ft, 20 sq/ft, 30 sq/ft, 40 sq/ft, 50 sq/ft, 55 sq/ft, 60 sq/ft, 65 sq/ft, 70 sq/ft, 75 sq/ft, 80 sq/ft, 85 sq/ft, 90 sq/ft, 95 sq/ft, 100 sq/ft, 105 sq/ft, 110 sq/ft, 115 sq/ft, 120 sq/ft, 125 q/ft, 130 sq/ft, 135 sq/ft, 140 sq/ft, 145 sq/ft, 150 sq/ft, 155 sq/ft, 160 sq/ft, 165 sq/ft, 170 sq/ft, 175 sq/ft