Rubi TX-N Professional Cutters


TX-N Professional Cutters by Rubi are one of the industries top manual tile cutters. These cutters range between 28″-50″ long.



Rubi TX-N Professional Cutters are robust and accurate cutters with angular measurement systems suitable for cutting very hard materials. TX-N Professional Cutters are for intensive cutting of ceramic tiles, and are ideal for porcelain tiles as well as extruded tiles. These cutters have 1,000 kg (2204 lbs) of breaking power for cutting the hardest of materials. Rubi TX-N cutters have central pivot swivel squares for quick and accurate measurements of angular cuts. This Rubi cutter is equipped with two sets of guides for greater visibility and flexion resistance. Adaptable scoring wheels to every material are available to maximize performance and cutting quality. Rubi TX-N’s have reinforced breaking feet to maximize the best breaking power. The Rubi TX-N Cutters are designed for large format tile with cutters ranging from 71-125 cm (28 – 50 in) rip cuts and 50 x 50 cm – 85 x 85 (20 x 20 in – 33 x 33 in) diagonal cuts. Attachable squares are easily removable with a quick clamp technology. Rubi cutters have a lateral stop (gauge) for repetitive cuts. The Rubi TX-N Professional Cutters have a two layer base with shock absorption on both sides of the break line to ensure a smooth and clean break. These cutters are made of a high strength aluminum to provide a long life span. Rubi has interchangeable scoring wheels from 5/16″ (8 mm) to 7/8″ (22 mm). The TX-N cutters come with 5/16″ (8 mm) & 3/4″ (18 mm) scoring wheels.


  • High breaking power
  • Spring loaded breaking tables
  • Interchangeable scoring wheels
  • 3 sizes from 28″ – 49″
  • Reinforced breaking feet
  • Pivot for angled cuts


  • TX-700 N (17975) – 28″
  • TX-900 N (17976) – 36″
  • TX-1200 N (17977) – 49″

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TX-700 N, TX-900 N, TX-1200 N