Rubi TX-MAX Professional Tile Cutters


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Rubi TX-MAX Professional Tile Cutters are the new models of the Rubi TX-N Professional Tile Cutters. The new and improved Rubi TX-MAX Professional Tile Cutters are designed with strong tubular steel guides. The head is made with aluminum slides equipped with self lubricating friction bushings. With the aluminum head mounted on 2 tubular steel guide, this design allows for better vision of the scoring line. Rubi TX-MAX Tile Cutters come with a new ratcheting handle design that allows for scoring and separating with one hand. Handles comes with soft grips for a greater comfort. This also allows for faster and increased performance with both thin and thick materials. The aluminum separator has a plastic protector that avoids marking your materials. All Rubi TX-MAX Tile Cutters are made of an injected aluminum base that is reinforced with central ribbing for a more robust design. The spring loaded galvanized steel table helps with breaking after scoring. Every TX-MAX Tile Cutter is equipped with revolving squares fixed on a central pivot point for greater performance in angled cuts that also have lateral stops for repetitive cuts. The TX-710 MAX and TX-1020 MAX come with 2 swing arms for large format tiles while the TX-1250 MAX comes with 4. Comes with 8mm and 22mm EXTREME scoring wheels and is also compatible with the full line of PLUS scoring wheels. All cutters come with a durable case.


  • Strong tubular steel guides
  • Self lubricating friction bushings
  • Better visibility of scoring surface
  • 2,646 lbs of breaking power
  • Ratcheting handle that allows scoring and breaking with one hand
  • Base made of injected aluminum
  • Spring loaded tables
  • Square fixed on central pivot point for angle cuts
  • Swing arms for large format tiles
  • 8mm and 22mm scoring wheels included
  • Comes with durable case
  • Available in 3 sizes


  • TX-710 MAX 17910 – 28″ with 20″ diagonal
  • TX-1020 MAX 17916 – 40″ with 27″ diagonal
  • TX-1250 MAX 17922 – 49″ with 33″ diagonal

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TX-710 MAX 28", TX-1020 MAX 40", TX-1250 MAX 49"