Rubi TR-Magnet Tile Cutters




Rubi TR-Magnet Tile Cutters have a fast cutting operation using a magnet. The Rubi TR-Magnet Tile Cutters are made with reinforced components that increase breaking power and rigidity of the cutters. The multi-point breaker of the TR-Magnet tile cutters ensures perfect cutting quality in the execution of diagonal cuts from end to end. Features a central pivot swivel square for quick and precise measurement of angular cuts in the -45º to 0° to 45° range. TR-Magnet Tile Cutters allow for high visibility while scoring. For the frequent cutting of glazed stoneware, tile or porcelain stoneware. TR-Magnet Tile Cutters include two scoring wheels 1/4″ for cutting the tile and another of 13/32” for glazed stoneware. Included with the TR-Magnet is the transport case with reinforced latches and hinges, to protect and facilitate the portability of TR-Magnet tile cutters.


  • The solid steel guides are chromed and rectified. Also put through an anti corrosion treatment for greater resistance to bending.
  • Multi point breaker with 1764 lb of power.
  • Reinforced SOFT-GRIP handle.
  • Lateral stop for repetitive cuts.
  • Supplement base for large formats.
  • Base-coat with damping effect
  • High-strength aluminum base.
  • 6mm and 10mm scoring wheels and bag-case included.


  • TR-600 Magnet (24in) – 16 x 16 Diagonal –  17907
  • TR-710 Magnet (28in) – 20 x 20 Diagonal – 17908

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TR-600 Magnet, TR-710 Magnet