Rubi TQ Tile Cutters


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Rubi TQ Tile Cutters are designed for frequent use on porcelain wall and floor tiles. The Rubi TQ Tile Cutters offer a single guided rail system with a multi-point breaker and 45 degree swivel square for fast, easy, and precise cutting. The guide rail is made of chromed steel with a unique trapezoid shape that will always maintain proper positioning for the best results. The single guided head is mounted with 6 self-adjusting ball bearings that improve overall scoring smoothness. Breaker is equipped with the Rubi MAGNET system that allows one handed use and increases cutting speed. Rubi TQ Tile Cutters are made of injected aluminum that gives them a higher robustness without the added weight. The large aluminum support base equipped with swing arm supports allows the cutting of large tiles without worrying of premature breaking. Each TQ Tile Cutter comes standard with a lateral stop for repetitive cuts. Included with these cutters is a 22mm Extreme Scoring Wheel and the new Soft-Grip handle.


  • Single guided rail system
  • Multi-point breaker
  • Swivel 45 degree guide
  • Made with chromed steel and aluminum
  • Guided head is mounted on 6 self-adjusting ball bearings
  • Utilizes Rubi MAGNET system
  • High robustness
  • Swing arms for support with large tiles
  • Includes 22mm scoring wheel and soft-grip handle


  • TQ-66 – 26″ rip, 18″ x 18″ diagonal, 9/16″ max cutting depth, 26lb
  • TQ-75 – 29.5″ rip, 20″ x 20″ diagonal, 9/16″ max cutting depth, 28lb
  • TQ-1020 – 40″ rip, 27″ x 27″ diagonal, 9/16″ max cutting depth, 37lb


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26", 29.5", 40"