Rubi TP-T Pull Tile Cutters




Rubi TP-T Pull Tile Cutters are a mobile single guide system with a multi point separator for angular measurement. These tile cutters have a high resistance to impact and are ideal for cutting ceramic and porcelain tiles. They have a separator with height adjustment and a central swivel square for quick and precise angular cuts. Rubi TP-T Pull Tile Cutters are a pull tile cutter equipped with a strong ergonomic RUBIFLEX handle. Includes scoring wheel 7/8″ (22mm). Rubi TP-T Tile Cutter have a breaking power of 2205 lbs and a maximum cutting thickness of 3/16″ – 7/8″.


  • Multi-point separator
  • Perfect for ceramic and porcelain tiles
  • Separator is height adjustable
  • Swivel measurement bar for angled cuts
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 7/8″ scoring wheel included
  • Breaking power of 2205 lbs
  • Maximum tile thickness 3/16″ – 7/8″
  • Pull style cutter


  • TP-66-T Pull Tile Cutter (12917) – 26″
  • TP-75-T Pull Tile Cutter (12929) – 29 1/2″
  • TP-93-T Pull Tile Cutter (12999) – 36 5/8″


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TP-66-T, TP-75-T, TP-93-T


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