Rubi Speed-N Tile Cutters




Rubi Speed-N Tile Cutters are made with reinforced components for increased breaking power and rigidity of the cutters. Chromed steel guides with anti-rust treatment for greater durability to ensure a long lasting tool. Speed-N Tile Cutters are made with an aluminum base for greater toughness. Rubi Speed-N Tile Cutters are lightweight and easy to transport. For the frequent cutting of glazed stoneware, tile or porcelain stoneware. Equipped with a lateral stop for repetitive cuts and 45 degree squares. Interchangeable scoring wheels ranging between 6mm to 10mm. Speed-N Tile Cutters provide optimal vision of the scoring and cutting line. Equipped with an aluminum lateral support.


  • Light weight
  • Comes with carrying case (excluding Speed-42 N)
  • Equipped with lateral stop
  • Can be used for 45 degree cuts
  • Interchangeable scoring wheels


  • Speed-42 N 17″ (12″ diagonal) – 14949 DOES NOT INCLUDE CASE
  • Speed-62 N 24″ (18″ diagonal) – 14985
  • Speed-72 N 28″ (20″ diagonal) – 14986
  • Speed-92 N 36″ (26″ diagonal) – 14987

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Speed-42 N 17", Speed-62 N 24", Speed-72 N 28", Speed-92 N 36"