Rubi Speed-Magnet Tile Cutters




Rubi Speed-Magnet Tile Cutters Fast cutting operation using a magnet. Speed-Magnet Cutters are easy to use even with one hand. The design of these cutters allows for greater ease and cutting speed. The Rubi Speed-Magnet Tile Cutters offer high visibility when scoring tile. Speed-Magnet Tile Cutters are made of reinforced components to increase breaking power and rigidity of the tile cutters. Built with an aluminum base for greater robustness, lightness and ease of transport. Included with the Speed-Magnet Tile Cutters is a lateral stop that can be used for the frequent cutting of all types of ceramic tiles. These Rubi tile cutters come with a soft ergonomic grip.  The scoring wheel included (8 mm) is interchangeable with many different Rubi Scoring Wheels.


  • Solid 20 mm steel guides. Chromed and rectified with anti-corrosion treatment for greater resistance to twisting.
  • Multi-point breaker, 1764 lbs of power.
  • Reinforced SOFT-GRIP handle.
  • Lateral stop for repetitive cuts and 45 degrees square.
  • Scoring wheel 8 mm. included.
  • Direct view of scoring and cutting line.
  • 72/92 models: Aluminum lateral support and bigger breaker system.


  • Speed-62 Magnet (24″) 17″ x 17″ diagonal – 14988
  • Speed-72 Magnet (28″) 20″ x 20″ diagonal – 14989
  • Speed-92 Magnet (36″) 26″ x 26″ diagonal – 14990


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Speed-62 Magnet 24", Speed-72 Magnet 28", Speed-92 Magnet 36"