Rubi RubberMax 7.9 Gallon English Rubber Bucket


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Rubi RubberMAX 7.9 Gallon English Rubber Bucket is made specially for job-site debris collection and liquid mixing pales. Rubi RubberMax 7.9 Gallon English Rubber Bucket is made of thick rubber that makes them impact resistant. They allow movement when carrying debris but are also reinforced for mixing and pouring of liquids. Rubi Rubber Buckets are simple to clean, especially after mixing mortar. The flexible rubber allows you to let the mortar/thin-set dry and tap out with a hammer. Rubber Buckets come with a reinforced wire handle and pour spout to make pouring liquid easy and mess free. The wooden handle grip allows for greater comfort over the usual plastic handles. Walls are reinforced with ribbing to ensure a strong rigid material that will not collapse over time. All Rubi Rubberbucks are composed from recycled tire rubber and are UV resistant. All rubber products of the Rubberbuck line stand out for their optimum behavior against low temperatures, staying unchanged up to – 60 ° C, and for being made with 100% recyclable materials. If the 7.9 Gallon RubberMAX is too big, see the Rubberbuck 3.7 Gallon bucket.


  • 7.9 Gallon
  • Made specifically for job-site debris
  • Made of recycle tires
  • Easy to clean especially after mixing mortar
  • Comfortable wooden handle
  • Rigid design


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