Rubi Rubber Mallets


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The Rubi Rubber Mallet is a go to tool when it comes to fixing and positioning tile.



Rubi Rubber Mallets are one of the tools most widely used by professional ceramic tile installers. The main function of the rubber mallet is to facilitate the proper laying and positioning of ceramic tiles during installation. Among professionals, Rubi flat-sided rubber mallets are synonymous with guarantee. They have been designed to reduce impact vibrations and thus prevent users from suffering them.  The Rubi flat sided rubber mallet comes in two different weights: 18 oz (500 gr.) and 26 oz (750 gr.), as well as the traditional black rubber or the advantageous white rubber. The main advantage of using the flat-sided rubber mallet with the white rubber head is that there is no risk of leaving traces of rubber on the surfaces of ceramic tiles.


  • 18 oz – 65913
  • 26 oz – 65914

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18 oz, 26 oz