Rubi DC 250 1200 Bridge Saw


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The Rubi DC 250 1200 Bridge Saw is capable of cutting tile or brick up to 2 inches thick in one stroke. Throwing out 1.5 hp with a rpm of 2790, this saw is one of a kind!

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Rubi DC 250 1200 Bridge Saw is a tile wet saw for cutting ceramic, glazed stoneware, porcelain stoneware and other materials. This saw comes with head height adjustment capabilities allowing you to adjust the cutting height. The Rubi DC 250 1200 Bridge Saw is equipped with an aluminum square that is easy to regulate from 0° to 60°. This DC Series Bridge Saw comes with extruded aluminum tables that are removable for an easier cleaning of the machine. Comes with folding legs and built-in wheels for an easier and more comfortable transport. Equipped with a single phase direct drive motor throwing out 1.5 hp with a thermal protector to avoid overheating. This saw comes with a water pump to cool down the blade while giving you flow control. Rubi’s Zero Dust System tested and certified by TNO. Made with highly structural rigidity in chassis. This saw is capable of making miter cuts up to 45°. Includes diamond disc CEV-SUPERPRO Ø250 mm.


  • 47″ rip cut
  • Single phase direct drive motor, 1.1 kW (1.5 hp) with thermal protector.
  • Blade cooling with controllable waterpump
  • High structural rigidity in chassis.
  • Mobile head on bearings and foldable at 45° for miter cuts.
  • Includes diamond disc CEV-SUPERPRO Ø 9.8″ (Ø250 mm)
  • Head height adjustment allowing to adjust the cutting height.
  • Aluminum square, easy to regulate (0 ° to 60 °).
  • With adjustable rule (0 to 60º) with lateral stop.
  • Extruded aluminum tables,removable for easy cleaning of the machine.
  • Folding legs with built-in wheels for easy carrying.
  • Equipped with ZERO DUST system. Tested and certified by TNO.
  • DC-250 1200, chassis with anti-corrosion treatment.
  • Plunge effect allowing adjustment cutting height.