Raimondi Wash Master Grout Station


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The Raimondi Wash Master Grout Station is an easy to use grouting station that will save you time and back ache. This grout station was designed to keep you off your hands and knees and clean the grout while standing.

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Raimondi Wash Master Grout Station is for cleaning grout from floors and walls without crawling around on the floor. The pole sponge included in the Raimondi Wash Master Grout Station enables you to work in an upright position, on both floors and walls. This product is equipped with a pedal that eases and speeds the squeezing action of the sponge, while allowing the user to remain upright. The sponge float with handle can be used on smaller floor and wall areas. Including a 10.5 gallon bucket, this grout station reduces the need for frequent water changing. The high absorption sponge “Sweepex” allows for a perfect cleaning.


  • Allows for fast and easy cleaning of grout
  • Reduces frequent water changes
  • Many different sponge replacements
  • Keeps grout sediment at the bottom of the bucket
  • Increases cleaning time efficiency
  • Can be used on both floor and wall applications
  • Entire set up is made of highly durable plastic and aluminum
  • On two rolling wheels to allow for easy transportation around the job-site
  • Grate is made of aluminum to ensure longevity
  • Replaceable sponges, heads, and poles available

Included with the Raimondi Wash Master:

  • Pole sponge “Sweepex” with aluminum handle
  • “Sweepex” sponge float with handle
  • Grating
  • Wheels (4”)